2016.05 Brand Launch EN – Timeless Truth Mask Thailand

2016.05 Brand Launch EN

Top Skincare Mask in France Launches in Thailand Beauty Secrets Unmasked with Award-Winning Timeless Truth

Bangkok,May18th 2016TimelessTruth,aworld-renownedTaiwanese skincare range is set to moisturize, regenerate and revitalize Thai beauty- product lovers with a country-wide launch of its award-winning first-class

facial masks.

Timeless Truth Mask, or TT Mask, was officially launched at The Oriental Residence today where media and guests were invited to uncover the secrets behind the award-winning, anti-aging Asian TT Masks that are sold in 20 countries across the globe and the first Asian mask to be successfully sold in France.

TT Mask applies the unique pre-cut fabric masks designed to fit facial contours comfortably, with eyes, mouth and nose openings. They are infused with a cocktail of rich skin care ingredients which have been formulated to target specific areas of concern (brightening, soothing, hydrating, revitalizing, etc).

Unlike traditional sheet masks, TT Masks uses an innovative patented technology where their mask fabric allows deeper absorption of the active ingredients as various extracts are impregnated into the cloth. It is the combination of this mask material and the nutritious essences/serum in the mask that makes it unique and results in maximum efficiency, greater absorption and ultimately, a fantastic treatment.

Timeless Truth is being introduced to Thailand, by Jasmine Hsin, the founder and creator of women’s lifestyle website KaiMi-co. The Taiwanese born beauty aficionado, now based in Thailand, is so passionate about the TT Masks

that she decided to bring the first and best-selling facial mask in France to the kingdom.

Back in Taiwan, R&D is paramount to attain the high quality expected in the stringent French market. Each unique skincare formula is developed in the Timeless Truth’s HEPA European standard lab and factory by skilled doctors and specialists. Every single facial mask is produced with great technology and detailed care.

Favoured by the Four Seasons Spa and retailed at Le Bon Marche in Paris and other luxury hotels and spas worldwide, the calibre of the TT Mask is comparable to well-known international designer brands.

Crowned Gold Winner for the Best New Anti-Aging Product 2015 at the UK PURE Beauty Awards, TT Mask ranks highly amongst beauty brand A-listers who have confidence in the high quality of the masks. However, the TT Masks, which are favoured by online shoppers, undoubtedly appeal to those purchasing mid-range beauty products who are interested in beauty products made with premium ingredients and high-grade processes.

Timeless Truth Masks incorporate green ingredients that are as kind to the environment as they are gentle to the skin. Austrian TENCEL® silk can help hydrate, cool, brighten and even whiten the face. Japanese Bemliese

transparency masks include snail extract, bee venom, horse oil and shark squalane. The ultra-luxury Bio-cellulose masks with fermented coconut water include apple collagen, bee venom with royal jelly, triple HA and snow lotus varieties. The top of the line LAB Series have been thoroughly researched and tested to cover a wide range of skin care needs. There is also a pore-cleansing Charcoal Black range whose absorption powers help cleanse the clogged pores, fight acne, and achieve a flawless complexion.

TT mask products are EU compliant and registered with the FDA Volunteer Cosmetics Registration Program. The ranges are sold in pharmacies, upmarket supermarkets, department stores, spas and luxury hotels worldwide.

In Thailand, TT Masks are available for purchase on their online store www.ttmask-th.com and on lazada.com. From June 1st onwards, it will be available at Gourmet Market and Home Fresh Mart at Siam Paragon, The Emporium, The EmQuartier and at all shopping centres under The Mall Group. TT Masks are currently available in 6 collections: TENCEL®, Bemliese, Charcoal Black, Bio Cellulose, LAB series and the Timeless Travel Pack and prices range from Baht 110-400.


About Timeless Truth

Timeless Truth is the first Asian facial mask brand to be granted access to the French market and the very first sheeted facial mask product to be sold at the legacy Le Bon Marché Paris. Founded by Taiwanese Dr John Lee, Timeless Truth masks have won the UK PURE Beauty Awards for three consecutive years during 2013-15. Timeless Truth has a firm standard on selecting the best mask sheet and ingredients. Each and every TT Mask has its R&D, testing,

and manufacturing done in European HEPA standard facility in Taiwan. Timeless Truth is confident and proud to present premier quality skincare to

its customers. Today, Timeless Truth facial mass scan be purchased in 20 countries around the world, including Four Seasons Spa in Canada, Hong Kong, Bali, Paris, Seychelles, and more.

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